Our history

An energetic 100-year-old

with an eye on the future!

Malte Månson was born in 1892 in Skåne. It is said that as a young man he was a real wild man, travelling all over the country and performing in a motorcycle circus. But his great passion was flying. He trained as an aircraft mechanic and also made sure that he could fly as much as possible.

On a long flight up to central Sweden, he was forced to make an emergency landing at Malmslätt airfield outside Linköping - the birthplace of the Swedish Air Force.

Malte remained in Linköping. Even though airplanes were his passion, he understood it was the car that would eventually become his property. When the First World War ended, in 1918, he started Malte Månson Verkstäder. The business idea was to satisfy the demand for spare parts and engine overhauls. The problem, however, was that there was a general lack of both spare parts and machinery for engine overhauls, so Malte simply had to manufacture both parts and machinery himself.

Business was brilliant. But then came the Second World War. In September 1939, demand disappeared and it was a matter of making ends meet until the autumn of 1945, when peace was declared in Europe.

The lack of both new and used engines was great. The solution was for Malte to take the boat to the USA and buy 200 used engines of various makes. Once back home, Sweden's first system of replacement engines for cars was born.

Malte Månson continued his expansion by securing agencies from some of the largest engine manufacturers in the world: Perkins, Kubota and Kohler. Operations were moved to Skänninge on the Östgötaslätten and Norway became a new market.

A new step in the development was taken in the 1990s when Malte Månson expanded the business by building up a chain of workshops for commercial vehicles. Through steady organic expansion and acquisitions, the number of workshops passed 12 in 2018 and in order to concentrate fully on the workshop chain, the engine business, then under the name Universal Power, was sold to listed Duroc.

Malte Månson is still a lively player who wants to develop. With 106 years of experience and Malte's words of wisdom as a guiding principle, "We are Positive, Committed, and Flexible Team Players".

With high Competence and Availability we solve customers' problems with Quality and minimal environmental impact" ringing in our ears, we now look ahead.

Today, Malte Månson is Scandinavia's largest independent workshop chain for commercial vehicles. This both encourages and obliges us to constantly develop and be our customers' first choice when it comes to repairs and service.