Welcome to Malte Månsons workshop in Stockholm/Jordbro!

In Stockholm/Jordbro we have authorization for MAN and DAF. But of course we also carry out service and repairs on trucks and commercial vehicles of brands such as Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, Scania and Volvo, among others.

Our expertise also includes construction machinery, cranes, load changers, forging, buckets, attachments, trailers and more.

We also carry out service and repairs for all makes and types of transport vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

See the icons below, which show which services we offer in Stockholm/Jordbro



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Serv. & rep. truck

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Mon-Thurs: 07.00-23.00
Fri: 07.00-16.00

Other time by agreement

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Traversvägen 16
136 50 Jordbro

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Customer service


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